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Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Skilled manpower in Middle East Facility Management

Skilled manpower in the Middle East. Is this a misnomer? Speak to any manager in FM operations and the lack of skilled staff is perhaps among the first points that will come up.
While a skill gap exists in almost every industry, the issue has far reaching consequences in the FM industry particularly. The nature of the job mandates that workers are not minutely supervised, which can lead to a cascading series of errors.
For example, most cleaners working in the Middle East have little prior experience of working in smart premises nor do they have the requisite training. How then would they know the correct dilution for cleaning liquids? Do they even know how to read and respond to alerts?  What happens if they apply the wrong chemical to a surface and it gets damaged? Who bears the cost of errors?
Conversely, a well trained FM worker can spruce-up the image of the FM company. This can also help the FM company attract new business and often at much better paying rates. It is therefore the pressing need for all stakeholders in the FM industry to equip their workers with the correct skills to do their job with pride.
Enter GroupL, a ‘not only for profit’ social enterprise. GroupL is a FM company in India with an extensive training infrastructure to cater to its internal needs. It has exported the training from India to over 10 countries in South Asia, South East Asia and Africa. FM Today spoke with Kabir Luthra on how GroupL can help the Middle East FM industry recruit skilled employees from these countries.

Who is GroupL?
We are a 42 year old company with roots in Kolkata, India. We started life as a security company providing manned guards and gradually expanded to cleaning services and facility management within India only. In the Middle East we are a workforce solutions company which provides training and ethical recruitment services to end employers. We focus on the entry level workers in each organisation who most require a standardised method of learning.
GroupL is associated with various government bodies in the UAE and in India to establish skill development through an entire industry. We believe in ethically recruiting candidates as per laws local to each country. Candidates sourced, trained and recruited through us reach their place of employment completely job-ready.

What are GroupL’s focus areas and target segments?
At GroupL we are concentrating on developing our recruitment and training network across additional countries, building a repository of curriculum and developing technologies to deliver standardised training content across borders. We presently offer training in segments such as security, cleaning, FM, soft skills and retail. Our plan is to roll out this training to the hospitality, fast-food and healthcare industries as well shortly.

What are the top five skills employers look for?
The absolute most important skill that employers look for is presentability. This is not usually pointed out as important factor, but in any interaction the appearance of the other person forms the basis of how the communication will flow.
This is closely followed by communication – verbal, written and body language. Candidates must be able to present their point of view clearly and confidently.
An important aspect of working is being able to get along with others. Hence teamwork will always remain a key skill.
Though difficult to evaluate in a short interview, employers like to see people with drive and who are self-motivated. It makes their job of getting you to do the job so much easier then.
Employers prefer candidates who understand the commercial realities that affect an organisation. In short, how does my work affect the company’s bottom line? Here, technical skills play a major role.

Can you take us through the entire process you follow?
The present system that we follow starts with the end employer (FM company) giving us an order to recruit people from a certain country. Our teams then source and shortlist a pool of candidates. The employer’s representative then conducts the interviews and selects the final candidates. While the selected candidates await their visa, they undergo training appropriate for their job role, thereby making them job ready for final employment in the Middle East.
For some clients we have even conducted additional training once the candidates have arrived in the Middle East and commenced employment.

How are the training programmes developed?
Most of the courses offered by us are aligned to the requirements of the industries. The course curriculum is designed by veterans who are still involved in their respective industry. We have had to be flexible in terms of modifying courses to suit different organisations requirements.
Each of the courses include aspects of life in the middle east, cultural differences with their home country and soft skills like appearance, communication, teamwork, basic English and customer handling.

Where do you see this initiative in a few years from now?

Our dream is to have institutions spread across the source countries where people are up-skilled continually. To put it crudely, it would work like a manpower factory. Students who successfully complete the course are then offered apprenticeship with end employers in the Middle East. The apprenticeship would eventually result in permanent employment. For this to happen, our understanding of the evolving skill gaps would have to remain up-to-date and we would need to work closely with a large number of potential employers. 

HR News 250416 | Offshore UAE visa offices to crack down on rogue agents

Offshore UAE visa offices to crack down on rogue agents
The opening of new visa offices abroad to serve expats moving to the UAE will help to phase out unscrupulous agents from the recruitment process, embassy officials have said. Job offers will be signed and copies taken by UAE officials before the employee accepting the job had left their home country. This would mean that an employer could not alter the working conditions or salary when they arrive in the UAE. The worker would also receive their visa before they left their home country. First phase – Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Kenya and Bangladesh. Second phase – which will be completed this year – India, Egypt, Tunisia, Lebanon, Senegal and Nigeria. Third phase – by 2017 – Pakistan, Egypt and Nigeria.
Source 24-Apr-16 7Days Compiled by www.GroupL.ae
Filipino workers in GCC escape major job losses in era of cheap oil
While Qatari Diar Vinci Construction (QDVC), which has projects including the Doha Metro and Lusail light rail network ongoing, has cut jobs, most of the 2.5 million Filipino workers in the region remain unaffected so far, the Philippines Government said in a statement. The statement added that Filipino job numbers in the UAE, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and Oman were holding up in the new era of cheap oil.
Source 09-Apr-16 Arabian Business Compiled by www.GroupL.ae
Emaar Properties group CEO stands down from role
Emaar Properties has announed that Abdullah Lahej has resigned as group chief executive officer. Amit Jain, the group's chief operating officer, will handle Lahej's responsibilities, the company said in a statement posted on Dubai Financial Market's website. Emaar Properties did not elaborate further on Lahej's resignation.
Source 10-Apr-16 Construction Week Compiled by www.GroupL.ae
No expat recruitment if qualified Saudis available
The private sector will be allowed to recruit foreign manpower from outside only if there are no qualified Saudis to take the jobs the employers are looking for, according Human Resources Development Fund (Hadaf). The recruitment process will be transferred to the Labour Ministry's electronic National Gate for Jobs to give chance to the Saudi workforce, reported Saudi Gazette
Source 12-Apr-16 Khaleej Times Compiled by www.GroupL.ae
Betsi Cadwaladr to recruit nurses from the Philippines
The search for nurses to fill posts in North Wales could be extended to the Philippines. In the long term the health board needs to recruit more full-time nurses rather than depending on bank and agency staff. Further overseas recruitment is planned and BCUHB are exploring recruitment in the Philippines as part of an all-Wales overseas plan.
Source 12-Apr-16 Daily Post Compiled by www.GroupL.ae
India not to be hit by lower remittances from Gulf region: Moody's
In a report titled `Falling Remittances from the Gulf Dampen Benefits of Lower Oil Prices', Moody's said a more pronounced and prolonged oil price decline, coupled with fiscal tightening in many oil exporting countries, is likely to hurt migrant worker earnings and remittances. For India, the Philippines and Vietnam, diversified locations and vocations of overseas migrants could help to reduce the fall in worker remittances. 
Source 13-Apr-16 Daiji World Compiled by www.GroupL.ae
Missing Ugandan maid fuels fears of abuse in Saudi Arabia
Jannat Mubiru has heard nothing from her daughter since the 27-year-old called to say she had arrived safely in Riyadh, where she was due to start work as a maid five months ago. In January, the Ugandan government announced a ban with immediate effect on the recruitment of Ugandans as domestic workers in Saudi Arabia, after the local media reported cases of abuse and mistreatment.
Source 13-Apr-16 Arabian Business Compiled by www.GroupL.ae
Etisalat lays off over 800 expats in the last two years
United Arab Emirates telecoms operator Etisalat laid off hundreds of expatriates staff over the last two years as it streamlined operations, according to its chief executive officer. However, he also clarified that during the same period between 2014 and 2016, the company hired 653 people including 218 Emiratis and 435 expatriates “in specific fields that require certain types of skills and expertise.”
Source 13-Apr-16 Gulf Business Compiled by www.GroupL.ae
Dubai Taxi Corp says to measure happiness of 11,000 drivers
The Dubai Taxi Corporation (DTC) has rolled out a Happiness Indicator with the aim of measuring contentment among more than 11,000 drivers and other staff. The unit of the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) said the move is part of its endeavours to raise the satisfaction of employees and motivate them to increase productivity.
Source 14-Apr-16 Arabian Business Compiled by www.GroupL.ae
State for curbs on nurses recruitment agencies
The [Kerala] State government has decided to implead in a Delhi High Court case filed by private recruitment agencies, challenging the Central government order restricting recruitment of nurses for overseas employment to State-owned agencies. It has also objected to the Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs’ intervening order in January, permitting 10 private agencies to recruit nurses for employment in the Ministry of Health, Saudi Arabia.
Source 14-Apr-16 The Hindu Compiled by www.GroupL.ae
OWWA membership a must for Filipinos
The new Philippine Labour Attaché for Dubai and the Northern Emirates, Ofelia B. Domingo, is encouraging all her legally employed countrymen to register and activate their bi-annual membership dues at the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA). This is to document them properly so they can avail of all the programmes and services of the agency tasked to promote and protect the welfare and well-being of all overseas Filipino workers (OFWs).
Source 14-Apr-16 The Gulf Today Compiled by www.GroupL.ae
Recruitment more selective in UAE due to low oil price
Low oil prices have resulted in more selective recruiting, so jobseekers must put an emphasis on what they bring to the company, experts say. The few employers still recruiting are looking at attracting staff who are more productive, with the candidates’ experience now more important than ever.
Source 14-Apr-16 The National Compiled by www.GroupL.ae
MoL project to stamp out 'sale of visas'
Riyadh - The Ministry of Labor (MoL) will soon begin work on a project to reduce recruitment from abroad through "sale of visas." This, the ministry thinks, will provide job opportunities for Saudis and expats residing in the Kingdom, a local publication reported.
Source 16-Apr-16 Zawya Compiled by www.GroupL.ae
Factories must employ minimum of 10 women
The [Saudi] Ministry of Labor has made it obligatory upon factory owners to employ a minimum of 10 women in all phases of the production line while urging them to absorb as many females as possible. The new amendments have also defined the working hours for women, that is between 6 a.m. and 5 p.m. in factories and private sector establishments, a source in the ministry was quoted as saying by local media on Saturday.
Source 17-Apr-16 Zawya Compiled by www.GroupL.ae
Thousands of oil workers go on strike in Kuwait
Thousands of Kuwait’s oil workers began an open-ended strike on Sunday in protest at plans to cut their wages, action which saw the emirate’s crude production plunge. “This open-ended strike will continue until the workers’ demands are met," the oil workers union chief Saif Al Qahtani said.
Source 17-Apr-16 The National Compiled by www.GroupL.ae
Balfour Beatty 'seriously' reviewing Qatar claims
A report by UK daily the Guardian said migrant workers employed on BK Gulf's large-scale construction projects have faced abuse of their labour rights. The report continued: "One labourer, employed by a supply company but working for GCC, which is 49% owned by Interserve, said he repeatedly asked his employer to let him leave Qatar after his salary was cut by 20%, but he was forced to stay." In response, Balfour Beatty said BK Gulf "takes the claims" very seriously. A statement to Construction Week by Balfour Beatty said: "BK Gulf, in which Balfour Beatty has a 49% share, provides conditions for its workforce which go over and above local regulations and laws. "Where workload exceeds our directly employed workforce capacity or where specialist skills are required, BK Gulf utilises a selection of labour supply companies."
Source 17-Apr-16 Construction Week Compiled by www.GroupL.ae
Labourer in UAE robbed to get deported
A labourer desperate to see his new wife broke into a number of shops in the hope of being deported. But, his plan has backfired after a court sentenced the Bangladeshi construction worker to four years in prison for breaking into grocery shops and stealing cigarettes and small amounts of cash.
Source 17-Apr-16 7Days Compiled by www.GroupL.ae
Transguard cleaner awarded for returning lost cash
A cleaner attached to the Transguard Group has recently been recognised for locating and returning a bag containing roughly $27,000 (AED 100,000) in cash to its rightful owner. In recognition of his integrity and dedication, Nisham Kunnath Valappil was awarded during the annual Transguard staff party. Valappil received the Star of the Year trophy, a cash bonus, plane ticket home, as well as an extra seven days’ holiday. The entire episode occurred whilst Valappil conducted his daily rounds at the Dubai Festival City Mall.
Source 18-Apr-16 Construction Week Compiled by www.GroupL.ae
14 workers held for flouting labour laws
 The Dubai Police have arrested 14 workers for flouting the labour laws. The arrests were made following a surprise crackdown on 1,240 houses in Al Barsha. "The crackdown had been launched as a preemptive measure against the risks and dangers posed and caused by the labour law violators," Abdullah Ahmed Al Sehi said.
Source 18-Apr-16 Khaleej Times Compiled by www.GroupL.ae
Emirati job seekers eye multi-industry employment avenues
Dubai, United Arab Emirates - As Dubai forges on with its historic Expo 2020 preparations, Emirati job seekers will tap into thousands of new employment avenues at the 16th edition of Careers UAE - the country's leading recruitment, training and education exhibition for UAE nationals. 
Source 19-Apr-16 Zawya Compiled by www.GroupL.ae
No gratuity if you are always late to work: UAE HR Ministry
Employees who are sacked because of their failure to abide by work timings are not entitled for gratuity, according to the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization. The Ministry outlined such a rule in a response to a query by an employer who complained that some of his workers persistently fail to come to office on time despite his repeated warnings that their services could be terminated.
Source 20-Apr-16 Emirates 24/7 Compiled by www.GroupL.ae
Minimum labour wage proposed to lift Saudi Nitaqat
The Federation of Labour Committees (FLC) in Saudi Arabia has called for fixing a minimum salary for Saudi workers in the private sector to achieve labour market stability. The fixing of minimum salary by legislative authorities and provision of incentives to Saudi youth would realise the objectives of both the government and employers, according to FLC's chairman.
Source 20-Apr-16 Construction Week Compiled by www.GroupL.ae
50 companies confirm participation in Taqdeer Award
ajor General Obaid Muhair Bin Suroor, Deputy Director General, General Directorate for Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA) in Dubai, Chairman of Taqdeer Award and Chairman of the Permanent Committee of Labour Affairs in Dubai, said the Taqdeer Award has received tremendous response from construction companies in Dubai. The Taqdeer Award will enhance relationship between companies and workers by recognizing excellence in labour practices and setting new benchmarks in work practices across sectors in Dubai.
Source 20-Apr-16 Zawya Compiled by www.GroupL.ae
Have a dispute with your employer? UAE ministry tells you what to do
In case of labour disputes, the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation gives the parties involved 48 hours to settle the issue amicably before it is officially recorded at the ministry, according to a report in Al Bayan daily. The first step is to file a complaint with Tas’heel centre. In the next 48 hours, if both the parties reach an amicable settlement, then the complaint will be closed at the Tas’heel centre. If the parties do not reach a settlement in the next two days, then the complaint will be forwarded to the Ministry. The Ministry’s Tawasol department will get in touch with both the parties within three working days and try to resolve the issue in a friendly manner. If one of the parties do not oblige, then legal procedures will follow.
Source 20-Apr-16 Emirates 24/7 Compiled by www.GroupL.ae
Arabtec chairman eyes cost-saving job cuts in 2016
Dubai contractor Arabtec said it could break even this year and make a profit in 2017 as the company looks to reduce costs through layoffs and streamlining of activities. He declined to specify how many jobs might go or how much could be made in savings. 
Source 21-Apr-16 Construction Week Compiled by www.GroupL.ae
FIFA to monitor labour conditions at Qatar 2022 World Cup sites
FIFA will create a panel to monitor construction at 2022 World Cup stadiums in Qatar to ensure “decent working conditions”. During his first working visit to Qatar, FIFA president Gianni Infantino said the group will include “relevant sectors of civil society and other relevant FIFA stakeholders”. Amnesty International welcomed “steps in the right direction” announced by the FIFA president, who was elected two months ago.
Source 24-Apr-16 7Days Compiled by www.GroupL.ae
Angry Dubai worker destroys bowling centre over visa refusal
A man wrecked the bowling centre where he worked, smashing windows, televisions and setting chairs on fire, when his employer refused to change his visa status, Dubai Criminal Court heard on Sunday. The 27-year-old Egyptian was working at Dubai Bowling Centre but only had a visit visa. When the manager refused to offer him a residency visa after a few months, he allegedly started tearing the place up.
Source 24-Apr-16 The National Compiled by www.GroupL.ae
Special court for workers planned in Oman
A special court dedicated to settling labour disputes in Oman is to be created, with a senior Ministry of Manpower official confirming the process is already underway. At present, Oman doesn't have a dedicated court to deal with labour disputes, which are currently handled in the general courts.
Source 24-Apr-16 Zawya Compiled by www.GroupL.ae
Imdaad opens staff accommodation complex in Dubai
The 299,902ft2 Jebel Ali complex, which means the Arabic for ‘My Home', houses 3,000 employees. Imdaad Manzeli’s construction works for the second, third and fourth phases are expected to be completed in the next two months. Jamal Abdullah Lootah, CEO, Imdaad, said:  “This project is only a start for us and we will be rolling out more similar initiatives to attract more talent to join Imdaad.”
Source 25-Apr-16 Construction Week Compiled by www.GroupL.ae
Dubai employee wins over Dh5m damages for delayed wages
In a historic case, an employee working for a company based in the DIFC has been awarded a penalty payment expected to be in excess of Dhs 5.5 million against his employer for non-payment of dues. The claimant was employed as the managing director of the company until his employment was terminated on 30 June 2013. The claimant alleged that the defendant failed to pay his salary or provide his other employment benefits within 14 days from the termination date. 
Source 25-Apr-16 Emirates 24/7 Compiled by www.GroupL.ae
Labour rights’ awareness campaigns spread
Over 200 workers participated in a workshop held by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation at the Tekab Co Ltd. labour accommodation located in Sharjah, as part of the ongoing “Know Your Rights” campaigns that had been launched by the Minister, Saqr Ghobash, earlier this year. Several booklets were distributed among the participants, each included legal guidelines about rights and obligations about how to deal with labour disputes, as well as specific instructions to shift to a new job and so. The booklets are printed in 11 different languages.
Source 25-Apr-16 The Gulf Today Compiled by www.GroupL.ae

Thursday, 21 April 2016

HR News 18 04 16 | India signs labour agreement with Saudi Arabia

India signs labour agreement with Saudi Arabia
Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has signed a labour agreement with Saudi Arabian officials aimed at improving the welfare and rights of blue collar workers in the kingdom. Modi spent two days in Saudi Arabia on an official visit this week, during which he signed a number of agreements with Saudi Arabia, including an agreement on labour cooperation for recruitment of blue collar workers. 
Source 06-Apr-16 Arabian Business Compiled by www.GroupL.ae
India to end govt monopoly in overseas recruitment for nurses
India will lift a ban on private agencies to recruit nurses for the Gulf countries that require emigration clearance, a year after it made three government agencies in Kerala and Tamil Nadu the sole recruiters for overseas appointments. Private agency recruitment will be first reinstated to Saudi Arabia and then to the other countries that require emigration clearance, he said. The Protector General of Emigrants, however, said that emigration clearance will continue to be mandatory for nurses seeking employment abroad.
Source 10-Apr-16 Manorma Compiled by www.GroupL.ae
Designing the right approach in Saudi Arabia
Last month, the Saudi Minister of Labour issued orders for the total nationalisation of the work force at all sales outlets and maintenance centres of mobile phones and their accessories within six months. As per the new directive, such shops will have to replace all expatriate workers with Saudis within a period of six months, and the final date of implementation of the directive was expected to be on September 3 of this year.  I would suggest the following: Identify the expatriate professionals who merit a high qualification. Offer them the Saudi nationality on the condition that they become part of the teaching force. Open up institutions of training with such qualified individuals running them, and voila! You have produced a pool of fresh graduates in the different trades with superior talents, and with minimal effort or fresh recruitment. A qualified national is worth the price to pay for such efforts.
Source 09-Apr-16 Gulf News Compiled by www.GroupL.ae
QDVC to fire 60 Filipino staff by 17 April
In its report for March 28, posted on its website on 4 April, Philippine Overseas Labour Offices (POLO) said the contracts of 60 Qatari Diar Vinci Company (QDVC) workers will be terminated due to a restructuring operation underway in the company. QDVC is implementing downsizing and cost-cutting activities, POLO said. Some of the affected workers are said to have been with the company for up to 10 years, are occupying positions of consequence, and receiving competitive salaries, POLO added.  
Source 08-Apr-16 Construction Week Compiled by www.GroupL.ae
Secure labour environment attracts millions to UAE
People from across the globe flock to the UAE seeking employment and a better life for themselves and their loved ones. Millions have prospered because of opportunities this land has provided — all in a safe, stable and secure environment. The labour sector developed rapidly, along with various industries, as the country marched towards progress. And amid this metamorphosis, gaps emerged that allowed for labour mistreatment. But UAE authorities registered this and reacted quickly to stop workers from being exploited. Rules were formulated laying down fixed working hours, pay, safe transportation, clean accommodation and even mid-day breaks during the summer months.
Source 07-Apr-16 Gulf News Compiled by www.GroupL.ae
Financial crisis can’t justify termination
Dismissal of an employee without a legal reason or dismissal due to financial crisis, which the companies use as an excuse, is an arbitrary dismissal specially since the questioner is having a limited labour contract. Breaking such a contract is against the labour law. The questioner is entitled to claim compensation for breaking the limited contract. The compensation will be decided by the court concerned.
Source 07-Apr-16 Gulf News Compiled by www.GroupL.ae
Help for low-paid workers in UAE to understand law
Labourers have been urged to report their bosses to the authorities “without hesitation” if they believe they are breaching UAE labour laws. Labour ministry officials delivered the message to hundreds of low-paid workers at a ‘Know Your Rights’ event in Abu Dhabi yesterday. The event at the ICAD camp in Musaffah involved workers being advised that they do not have to pay fees to recruitment agencies – something governments and many expat workers have long complained about. “The employer should pay the costs of your recruitment and deployment – which includes fees paid to a private recruitment agency in the labourer’s country,” said Ali Ibrahim Al Shehhi, a labour relations officer.
Source 07-Apr-16 7Days Compiled by www.GroupL.ae
Qatar hires worker welfare monitor for World Cup projects
According to a FIFA statement, Impactt Limited has been appointed as an external monitor to boost the auditing and inspections process of the SC Workers’ Welfare (WW) Standards – a set of principles and regulations incorporated into all 2022 World Cup contracts. The second edition of the WW Standards was published on March 1, and sets out the SC’s requirements for the recruitment, employment, living and working conditions of everyone engaged on an SC project. 
Source 06-Apr-16 ME Construction News Compiled by www.GroupL.ae
New skill standards launched to help Indian workers gain global mobility
Indian workers can now have greater "global mobility", thanks to the new skill standards launched by Skill Development and Entrepreneurship Minister Rajiv Pratap Rudy, which match the global benchmarks in skilling. These standards in skill development are benchmarked to the skill standards in Britain across 82 identified job roles. In his address, Rudy said that the standardisation of vocational education was crucial in bringing about an increase in the efficiency level of the skilled workforce. He further said that the British standards have been chosen to benchmark the Indian skills standards, since all the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries recognise British skill certification.
Source 06-Apr-16 India Today Compiled by www.GroupL.ae
Abu Dhabi double-decker bus court rushes to aid of dumped workers
More than 1,000 labourers will receive wages owed and have new jobs after their boss fled the country, thanks to the Abu Dhabi Judicial Department’s double-decker bus court. Last October, the Lebanese owner of an engineering consultancy ran off, leaving 1,004 staff members without the wages they were owed. The case was raised by the Ministry of Labour with the judicial department’s human rights office in February. The department has a double-decker bus that acts as a mobile court, allowing staff to complete complex cases on site. Lawsuits were filed at the mobile court by all 1,004 labourers, of which 350 cases have been resolved so far. Within three months, some of the workers had received their dues and all had new jobs.
Source 06-Apr-16 The National Compiled by www.GroupL.ae
POEA warns Filipinos seeking jobs abroad against new recruitment scam
Filipinos seeking jobs abroad have been warned against an alleged recruitment scam, in which the name of a prominent hotel chain is being used to lure potential victims. The scammers are offering jobs in Marriott Hotel Canada and Marriott Hotel in the UK via email and social media, GMA News quoted Administrator Hans Leo Cacdac Jr. of the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) as saying. According to information available with POEA, the scammer is claiming that the management of Marriott Hotel Canada needs stewards, nurses, technicians, fashion designers, comedians and entertainers, models, actors, dancers, medical doctor, artisans, mechanics, waiter, waitress and other jobs in hospitality sector.
Source 06-Apr-16 Filipino Times Compiled by www.GroupL.ae
Saudi Arabia mulls plan to ban expats from HR, recruitment jobs
audi Arabia’s Ministry of Labour has outlined plans to prevent non-Saudis working in human resources (HR) and recruitment for the private sector. The Saudi Gazette reported that the ministry had asked private sector firms to comment on its plans via its website before any decision is implemented. The consultation period will close on 23 April. A senior official at the ministry said that firms flouting the ban – if imposed – would be handed a fine of just over $3,000 per worker.
Source 05-Apr-16 Arabian Business Compiled by www.GroupL.ae
Shortage of Saudi engineers hampering local growth
The engineering sector is suffering from a shortage of Saudi engineers in 11 specialties, according to Arab News. The specialities that lack Saudi engineers are: planning; construction; marine; technology; health and safety; electronics and information technology; technical industries; nuclear; technical civil engineering; mechatronics and medical engineering. Citing a report published by the Saudi Council of Engineers (SCE) for 2015, the daily said no Saudi engineers joined four of the specialities last year. 
Source 05-Apr-16 Construction Week Compiled by www.GroupL.ae
Dubai labourers compete to be crowned 2016 Smart Idol
A talent contest for more than 2,000 blue-collar performers working in Dubai will hold its 2016 final later this month. Smart Idol, established in 2012 as an annual talent contest organised by SMART LIFE for workers living in the emirate's many labour camps, will see 14 finalists compete for the top prize. The shortlist of performers, who are trained and mentored by industry professionals, are split into singing and dancing categories, with the final of Smart Idol on April 22.
Source 05-Apr-16 Arabian Business Compiled by www.GroupL.ae
Nepal earthquake child survivors 'sold as slaves' to British families
The [UK] Home Office is calling for a criminal probe into claims that child survivors of last year's devastating Nepal earthquake are being sold to British families as household slaves. An investigation by The Sun revealed that boys and girls as young as 10 are being sold by criminal gangs operating in India to British families for £5250 ($7467). Home Secretary Theresa May responded to the undercover investigation urging the National Crime Agency (NCA) to investigate the newspaper findings. “That is why we introduced the landmark Modern Slavery Act last year, which included enhanced protections for potential child victims of slavery and sentences up to life imprisonment for those found guilty,” she said in a statement.
Source 04-Apr-16 Mashable Compiled by www.GroupL.ae
Qatar pledges to investigate worker abuse claims
The Government of Qatar has pledged to investigate allegations of worker abuse following a new report by Amnesty International. The report entitled, 'The ugly side of the beautiful game: Labour exploitation on a Qatar 2022 World Cup venue', was produced after interviews with 132 stadium workers and around 100 others who had worked in the surrounding complex between February and May last year.
Source 03-Apr-16 Construction Week Compiled by www.GroupL.ae
Fast-growing UAE spa sector faces staff, skill shortage
What makes the perfect spa treatment? Most people imagine an elegantly decorated room with soothing music, invigorating aromas and a big relaxing bed. That said, no matter how warm and thick the towels may be or how refreshing the drinks and the oils are, an inexperienced therapist can ruin the whole experience and will do nothing for those rising stress levels. With Dubai aiming to attract 20 million visitors by 2020 and official government figures showing its resident population is rising by five percent a year, demand for spa treatments is on the rise, putting increased pressure on operators to find and retain experienced therapists.
Source 03-Apr-16 Zawya.com Compiled by www.GroupL.ae
UK hospitals continue to recruit from abroad as red tape is removed
A NURSING union has welcomed news that it will remain easier and quicker to employ staff from abroad. The Royal College of Nursing (RCN) said the recommendation from the national Migration Advisory Committee to keep the occupation on the official shortage occupation list is vital in speeding up the immigration process for nurses from overseas to work in the UK. Nursing was temporarily placed on the list by the Government last year. Hospitals across Sussex have recruited almost 300 nurses from overseas between them in the last year, including from the Philippines and India.
Source 01-Apr-16 The Argus Compiled by www.GroupL.ae
UAE firms struggle to find skilled professionals
The UAE employment market has an oversupply of jobseekers at the moment, but many companies are still struggling to fill certain positions, recruitment specialists told Gulf News. In the construction sector alone, there is a shortage of highly skilled professionals with local experience in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region. In particular, those with a degree in architecture, civil engineering and a post-graduate degree in finance, international business and real estate are difficult to locate. 
Source 31-Mar-16 Gulf News Compiled by www.GroupL.ae
Latest hiring outlook in UAE: More jobs in coming months
The job market in the UAE still looks positive, with nearly six in ten recruiters expecting new vacancies to open up over the next six months, a recruitment specialist said on Wednesday. In particular, there is a strong demand for specialist occupations. At the same time, some companies are having difficulty recruiting qualified candidates for middle-management posts. Attrition rates seem to have slowed down as well, as fewer people are opting to leave their employers to pursue other career opportunities elsewhere.
Source 31-Mar-16 Gulf News Compiled by www.GroupL.ae
Social Media Recruitment Increases Candidate Reach in the UAE
It is not hype, social media has pervaded everyday life comprehensively. In its uses, social media has transcended its nomenclature, and is now regularly used for activities that are traditionally considered, not 'social', such as job recruitment. According to the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), approximately 84% of organizations used social media for recruitment in 2015. "Social media platforms can be searched to identify and connect with those people who possess the skills an organization needs. Skill gaps throughout the organization can be more easily identified when HR is integrated with other systems like production, finance and supply chain," contends Mr. Raaid Damati, Human Capital SaaS Sales Strategy Director, Oracle, ECEMEA Region. 
Source 30-Mar-16 Zawya.com Compiled by www.GroupL.ae

Friday, 15 April 2016

Young teams seek change in fortunes

There are many similarities between Delhi Daredevils and Kings XI Punjab this season. Most notably, both teams have a sizeable core of young or inexperienced Indian players. Daredevils' "strategic shift" towards youngsters has been overseen by Rahul Dravid, the India A and India Under-19 team coach, who has joined the set-up as mentor. Kings XI coach Sanjay Bangar also enjoys a good rapport with young Indian players and has spoken of the team's deliberate effort to develop and nurture talent.

With youth and inexperience, however, comes a certain rawness. This was on show during Daredevils' batting implosion against Kolkata Knight Riders on a pitch with no real demons. Dravid's young protégés must improve their approach to building T20 innings if better results are to follow. Kings XI's youngsters have more of a safety net in the form of David Miller and Glenn Maxwell, but they too face a steep learning curve. All the same, the young talent on show in both sides will be exciting to follow.

There are other similarities between the teams. Both have untested captains. Both had poor seasons last year and poor opening matches this year. Both are seen as underdogs. Both will be anxious for a return to winning ways on Friday. If some of their lesser names can shine in the process, that would be all the better.